Services and Information

Auto Detailing – Interior/Exterior

Perfect for vehicles that need some extra attention to get them looking like they did coming off the showroom floor. Our interior and exterior details can be split up or come as a package at a discounted rate, and include the following services

  • Interior Vacuum
  • Surface Wipe-down
  • Hand-brush Clean and Decontamination
  • Interior Glass
  • Two-Bucket Hand Wash
  • Bug Removal
  • Wheels, Wheel Wells & Tires + Dressing
  • Exterior Glass
  • Towel Dry
  • Badge Detailing

Starting at $200, call or contact us for an exact quote.

Paint Correction

While all paint finishes start out as perfect, harsh elements of the midwest take a toll on your vehicle. Paint correction is the process of removing these scratches and defects from your vehicle’s clear coat. Things like car washes, harsh UV rays, and road tar create these imperfections. These can include oxidation, scratches, swirls, bug etching, and more. Luckily, most of these defects can be removed through 1-stage polishing or 2-stage correction.

  • 1-stage (polishing) – Quickest method of correction and removes swirls and light scratches. 6-7 Hours work time
  • 2-stage (full correction) – Uses a “cutting” compound and wool pad to remove deeper scratches and then a finishing step with light polish and foam pad to remove hazing caused by cutting stage. 10-11 Hours work time

Starting at $400 but can be up to $1200 due to size, customer expectation, paint hardness, and defect level. Call or contact us for an exact quote.

Maintenance Plans

After you complete your service you of course want to keep it looking just as good year round. That’s why we offer maintenance plans to all of our customers at a discounted rate. Whether it’s maintaining your detailed minivan with kids or keeping your coated Porsche in pristine condition, we have a plan made just for your needs.

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings to fit your schedule
  • Custom made for each customer to match with their first service

Starting at $50, call or contact us for an exact quote

Ceramic Coatings

Detail Armor is proud to offer the epitome of protection and gloss for your paint with our professional grade System X ceramic coatings.

Automotive ceramic coatings represent a revolutionary advancement in paint protection.  An exclusive, permanent ceramic coating which imparts a color enhancing gloss while protecting exterior surfaces from the harsh midwestern elements like tar, harsh UV rays, bug matter, salt, tree sap, and more.

System X creates a brilliant new clear coat over your paintwork.  Appearing as if your car was dipped in glass, this new surface is ultra hydrophobic, slicker, and glossier then the original clear coat. All this while maintaining a 9H on the MOHS scale making it harder than glass.

System X coatings work by bonding at the molecular level with your vehicle’s clear coat which prevents it from being washed away like a traditional wax or sealant. The result is a permanent coating that lasts anywhere from 2-10 years depending on the coating. With minimal maintenance your vehicle can look flawless year round thanks to System X.

Preparation – The first step is to prep the car to either have a 1 or 2-stage paint correction. This is done by firstly washing the vehicle, chemical decontamination, and clay barring to remove all physical contaminants. This will prevent us from scratching the paint further during the correction stage.

Paint Correction – A 1 or 2-stage paint correction is performed based on customer specifications and condition of the vehicle’s clear coat. This will remove any scratches and swirls, creating a more glossy finish. Performing paint correction also ensures the coating bonds effectively.

IPA Wipe Down – An isopropyl alcohol solution is used to remove any residue and sterilize the surface for the coating.

Lasting Protection – Once your paint’s surface is as clean as possible we apply the ceramic coating to all painted surfaces. The coating takes 24 hours before getting wet and up to a full week to completely cure.

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